What are clinical trials?

Clinical trial is a process that required testing of medicine or new drug in controlled environment. By participating in clinical trials you help drug companies to find treatment for different conditi

Do I get paid for clinical trials?

Yes, clinical trial companies pay volunteers money for their time and efforts. Payments vary from different trials and locations. Payment start from $100 and many times it reach up to S4000.

Are overnight stays involved in clinical trials?

Yes, in some cases clinical trials required to overnight stays at sponsors unit. Most of trials take place in office hours but some might require being stay over there. Clinical Trial Company will ma

If I change my mind, can I leave the trial?

Yes, if you want to leave trial then you are free to do so. Clinical trials are volunteer process that gives you full choice to make your decision.

Can I volunteer for a trial?

Yes, please register at our site and apply for any trial you may be interested. If you have been short listed then sponsor will contact you directly. Before you apply for any trial it’s important to

Are clinical trials safe?

Every study our sponsor conduct is in accordance with US legislation* and independently approved by governmentally authorised ethics committees and by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory

Am I eligible for clinical trials?

Most of the times clinical trial companies look for healthy volunteers but in many cases sponsors are looking for volunteers who meet certain health condition or suffering from particular illnesses. T

Who decides whether I am accepted on to the trial?

Clinical trial companies or sponsors of the study make final decision who they want to select for trial. Trial companies receive lot of applications from volunteers but only limited number of voluntee

What happens if I am unsuitable for the Volunteer trial?

Unfortunately, selecting a volunteer for study or not selecting a volunteer for study is sponsors decision. We can no guarantee that everyone who applies for clinical trial will be accepted for that s

Is my participation in clinical trials voluntary?

Yes, participation on clinical trial is absolutely volunteer. Even if you have applied for a clinical trial there is no force that you have to participate in the study. You can even pull out of during

Who will see my medical information?

We treat all your personal information with confidence. Your medical information will be sent to every trial company that you will apply and other sponsors who are searching for volunteer in similar k

How many studies am I able to do a year?

Most sponsors or clinical trial companies do not allow participating more then 3 to 4 trials. It also depends on your age group and stage of development of the study drug.