Shift Work Disorder New York City, NY

Job Description


Shift Work Disorder New York City, NY
Location/s: New York City, NY
Age Range: 18-65
Gender: Male, Female
Stipend: $2,150

Study Schedule:

1 outpatient visit, 3 inpatient periods of 1 night each, 2 inpatient periods of 3 nights each over approximately 14 weeks.

To Qualify, Participants Must (additional criteria apply):

Be between the ages of 18-65 (Females must not be of childbearing potential)
Work at least 5 night shifts per month for the last 3 months
Work at least 3 consecutive night shifts per month
Experience excessive sleepiness during night shifts
Weigh at least 110 lbs and have a BMI between 18-35
Not use any illicit substances (willing to abstain from all illegal substances, alcohol & nicotine/tobacco during the study)

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  • January 27, 2018 6:29 pm
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  • Shift Work Disorder New York City, NY
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  • $2,150
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